Read all about EVE Online in upcoming book

You may not play EVE Online, but if you follow games at all you surely heard some of the crazy stories to come out of the sci-fi, space-themed MMO. You could argue that it’s just as interesting to read about as it is to play, which is why A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online, a history book about the game, sounds like a great idea.

Journalist Andrew Groen, who’s written for Wired and the (now defunct) Penny Arcade Report, pitched the idea on Kickstarter, hoping to hit a funding goal of $12,500 in a month. He hit his goal in a mere seven hours, and so far managed to raise $26,017 from 1,142 backers, with 29 days to go.

Groen says the book will take readers from the very first day the servers switched on, to the formation of regional alliances, though great battles in recent years and the current political structure of the game. He describes it as a “story about war and politics and betrayal and of course, internet spaceships.”

It sounds like it will be an interesting read. At the least, it might give us a better understanding of how battles in EVE Online can end with as much as $300,000 in damages.


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