Zombies Invade Star Wars: Commander in Halloween Event

Mobile game Star Wars: Commander will be invaded by zombies in its upcoming, Halloween-themed “The Sickness” event, Disney Interactive has announced.

The limited-time campaign will see an an army of Death Troopers unleashed on planet Dandoran after an outbreak at a secret Imperial research facility. Players will need to locate the source of the outbreak as the Rebellion, or cover it up as the Empire.

The Sickness event will also add limited-time units. There are the zombie versions of the Storm Troopers—Death Troopers, Scout Death Troopers, Heavy Death Troopers—and airstrike ships for each faction, the Rebel Starship Strike – HWK-290 and Empire Starship Strike – VT-49, both of which drop firebombs.

The Sickness event will start on Thursday, October 30.

Star Wars: Commander is a new free-to-play combat strategy game for iOS and Android devices similar to Supercell’s hugely successful Clash of Clans. For more on Star Wars: Commander, check out our interview with the developers.

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