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PlayStation 3 | DMC First Impressions

Capcom and Ninja Theory are teaming up for a reboot of the long-running action-combat series.
While the 2010 Tokyo Game Show hasn’t officially kicked off yet, that hasn’t stopped Capcom from making a number of announcements regarding some of its curr…

Xbox 360 | Lucha Fury First Look

If there’s a lesson to be learned from Punchers Impact’s brawler, it’s this: Never steal a wrestler’s energy drink.
According to developer Punchers Impact, masked Lucha Libre wrestlers suffer from a terrible curse: energy drink addiction. It’s no won…

Xbox 360 | Outland First Look

This mash-up of genres wears its influences on its sleeve, but it’s a very pretty sleeve nonetheless.
PAX may not quite be on par with E3 when it comes to major game announcements, but it…s still hard to get through the weekend without seeing a…