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Wii | GoldenEye 007 Single-Player Hands-On

We infiltrate the dam in the first level of GoldenEye 007 for the Wii.  
This year GoldenEye 007 returns to a Nintendo console with Activision’s reimagining of the original classic for the N64. The game is being treated with great respect, says …

PlayStation 3 | Tokyo Jungle Impressions

Postapocalyptic setting? Check. Tough protagonist? Check. A Pomeranian with an insatiable taste for blood? Wait, what?
It wouldn’t be a Tokyo Game Show without the discovery of some slightly left-of-center game whose eccentric qualities make it unli…

PlayStation 3 | DMC First Impressions

Capcom and Ninja Theory are teaming up for a reboot of the long-running action-combat series.
While the 2010 Tokyo Game Show hasn’t officially kicked off yet, that hasn’t stopped Capcom from making a number of announcements regarding some of its curr…